How-To Videos

Learn how to pair your phone, use COMAND®, and more.

Smart Phone Integration – Apple CarPlay

Learn how to connect and use Apple CarPlay™ with your Mercedes-Benz. Apple CarPlay lets you enjoy a variety of apps via an interface that looks and works like your iPhone®. Here’s how.

Smart Phone Integration – Android Auto

Learn how to connect and use Android Auto™ with your Mercedes-Benz. Android Auto™ lets you enjoy a variety of apps via an interface that looks and works like your Android phone. Here’s how.

Multimedia System

The COMAND multimedia system ensures your Mercedes-Benz features are always within reach through the touch control buttons, console or touchpad – this video will show you how to best navigate the menus and systems in your vehicle.

Wifi Hotspot

Get connected when you activate the Wi-Fi hotspot in your Mercedes-Benz. Connect up to 8 devices and get 4G LTE network coverage so you can surf and stream in the comfort of your own car.

Voice Control

Built-in voice control allows you to access the many features of your Mercedes-Benz while you keep your full attention on the road. Make phone calls, get navigation directions, turn on ambient lighting and do so much more with just your voice.

Favourites Menu

You can personalize your Mercedes-Benz vehicle to fit the way you drive using the Favourites Menu. Store up to 20 of your favourite vehicle features for quick and easy access – including seat functions, radio tuning, interior ambient lighting, and more.

Text Messages

Did you know you can send and receive text messages hands-free through Siri or Google Assistant? With a connected smartphone, you’ll never have to take your hands off the wheel in order to stay in touch with your friends and family.

Navigation & Route Guidance

Learn how the Mercedes-Benz navigation system can do more than just give you directions. You can set waypoints, look-up nearby restaurants, search for locations even with partial addresses and more.


Thanks to KEYLESS-GO® technology in your Mercedes-Benz, you can lock and unlock doors, open and close windows, and turn on and off your vehicle without even touching your keys. Plus, it’s almost impossible to lock yourself out.

Radio Functions

Learn how to customize your radio preferences so you can easily pull up your favourite stations or talk radio hosts.

Garage Door Opener

The convenience of Mercedes-Benz in-car controls extend to your garage door. Program your vehicle to open and close the garage, so you don’t need a separate remote.

COMAND Tips & Shortcuts

Mercedes-Benz is always looking for solutions to make your life easier. With that in mind, your vehicle is designed with a variety of functions like navigation, voice assistant, easy-to-search contacts and more to ensure a safe and convenient drive at all times.


Bluetooth technology supports a wide range of phones, and it keeps you connected while you’re driving your Mercedes-Benz. Access phone functions, play music, answer calls and more – all hands-free.


Learn how you can access the cargo area in your Mercedes-Benz with ease. Find out how to open, close and adjust the liftgate four different ways: from your SmartKey, directly from the liftgate, with a button on the driver’s door panel, or hands-free with foot movement. Plus, if your garage has a low ceiling, you can limit how high the liftgage opens every time.

Active Lane Keeping Assist

Discover how Active Lane Keeping Assist can help you stay safe on the road, by alerting you if you accidentally drift out of your lane.

Active Steering Assist & Active Lane Change Assist

Learn how to engage and use Active Steering Assist and Active Lane Change Assist – two features that together can help you stay out of harm’s way on the road, by both guiding your steering within your lane and helping you move safely out of it.

Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC®

Enjoy an extra measure of safety when using cruise control in your Mercedes-Benz. Learn how to engage, set and adjust Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC, our adaptive cruise control system that helps you maintain a safe distance from the car in front of you at all times.

Set Your Clock

The clock in your Mercedes-Benz vehicle uses GPS to set the time automatically. Find out how you can manually override the time and date displays in your Mercedes-Benz, and set each to your liking.

Active Parking Assist

Discover how Active Parking Assist can make parking your Mercedes-Benz easier. See how you can use it to both find a suitable parking spot for your vehicle, and get help maneuvering into the spot.

meCall and eCall

The meCall and eCall (Emergency Call) buttons provides a unique safety net by providing connectivity from the vehicle to various Mercedes me connect support teams.

Register for Mercedes me connect

Mercedes me connect activation is done at a dealership at a time of vehicle purchase by dealership staff. In addition, there are steps a customer needs to complete to fully activate Mercedes me connect and use its functions. This video guides you through the customer steps to activate Mercedes me connect so you can use remote services and other features offered.

Mercedes me connect Services

With Mercedes me connect you can stay in sync with your vehicle. Mercedes me connect lets you start the engine, lock or unlock doors, or send an address to your in-vehicle navigation from your computer or phone. Plus, you can view current data like mileage, fuel level and tire pressure.

Navigation Volume

A quick tip for how to adjust the volume of the spoken turn-by-turn directions in your Mercedes-Benz.

Managing Flat Tires & Tire Pressure Monitoring

When it comes to flat tires, Mercedes-Benz has always made sure our customers are well prepared. From revolutionary run-flat tires, to our tire pressure loss warning system and tire pressure monitoring system we bring you the ultimate in safety and convenience.

Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX)

MBUX is the most advanced multimedia system ever developed by Mercedes-Benz. Smart, simple, and sophisticated, MBUX is sure to make interacting with your Mercedes-Benz almost effortless.

Brake Hold Feature

In stopped traffic, held up by a passing train, or just waiting at a traffic light, The Mercedes-Benz Brake HOLD function is a convenient way to keep you safely stopped without having to keep your foot on the pedal the whole time.

ECO Start/Stop

Eco Start/Stop is a smart, environmentally conscious feature that comes standard on new Mercedes-Benz vehicles. The system will automatically shut off the engine when it’s not needed. For example if you are waiting at a red light or stopped in heavy traffic, thus saving fuel and reducing emissions.


Here are a few special features you may not have known about your Mercedes-Benz SmartKey.

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